Ashton Staffing Trust Ashton Staffing to Fill All of Your Company’s Diverse Staffing Needs

Our Ashton Staffing division delivers specialized recruiting programs designed to meet the various staffing needs of small and large businesses throughout the Atlanta area. We fill a variety of positions in an array of industries, and we only place personnel after extensive vetting and skill assessment.

Temporary-Hire Services: Our temporary-hire service at Ashton Staffing allows an organization to fill their planned or unplanned vacances promptly and easily on short notice or for a short duration. All of our Ashton Staffing associates are thoroughly vetted and assessed for proficiency in the skill areas for which they are applying, which helps us ensure a proper match for your needs.

Temp-to-Hire Program: Our temp-to-hire program at Ashton Staffing represents a cost-effective method for transitioning new staff into your organization. Choose one of our skilled candidates for a trial period to assess their skills, performance, and workplace habits before officially hiring them. We handle the costly process of recruiting, pre-screening, and evaluation so that you choose from only the most qualified candidates, saving your business a significant amount of time and money.

Peak Period Staffing: If your organization experiences seasonal fluctuations in business cycles which create varying personnel requirements, then Ashton Staffing’s peak period staffing services are your perfect choice. We handle all of the recruiting and training necessary to bring your seasonal workers up to speed, and we ensure your business maintains peak productivity through periods of increased workload. When your extra staff are no longer needed, we take care of all of the paperwork and details, making the transition as smooth as possible for you.

VOP (Vendor on Premise): Our service-on-site program is specifically designed for businesses which use a large volume of flexible or temporary workers. Normally, the screening and placement of temporary workers in various departments with different managers utilizing several different services creates inefficiencies, increases costs, and places a serious burden on a business’s personnel department. We at Ashton Staffing will take on the primary service roll for all of your temporary staffing needs and assume responsibility for coordinating and managing in-house functioning. This service includes on-site support and administration, coordination of tracking and time reporting, recruiting, training, and financial reporting. This service represents a partnership between our organizations, resulting in significant time and money savings for your company.

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